Hot and intense loo hitting you on road, filling water in your air cooler again and again, keeping your Air Conditioner ON all the hours, Mothers telling kids to keep hydrated all the time and of course Aaya Mausam Thande Thande Dermi Cool Ka Ad buzzing on your Television Screen in India, gives you a tacit approval that the nasty Heat Waves of Indian Summer is here. Not many like the season as Summer comes with unwarranted cons of it.

But do not worry, the best ways to counter-attack and win the match against this prickly prickly summer season is listed down. Follow simple but effective tips to stay healthy, fit, cool and happy this hot season.

Best Tips for Summer Season to stay Fit, Fresh and Healthy:

  • Reduce Intake of spicy food, tea, coffee and sugar.

  • Best Tips to stay cool in summer without Air Conditioner AC. Beat the Heat this summer. Stay fit by reducing intake of spicy food, tea, coffee and sugar.

  • Avoid eating fatty food because puts extra burden on the digestive system and heart.

  • 7 awesome tips to keep cool this summer season. Avoid fatty food to be healthy and fit. Natural Way to stay cool this summer. Easy tricks to stay cool in hot weather.

  • Consume larger quantities of fruits, vegetables and yogurt.

  • how to keep yourself cool in summer season. Ways to keep cool when its hot. Consume Fruits, vegetables and yogurt to be fit and happy.

  • Minimise consumption of non vegetarian food.

  • Eat less Non Vegetarian food like meat. These are best ways to keep yourself cool in summer. Stay fresh in summer outside. Stay chilled in summer season. What to do in summer. Enjoy summer with these awesome tricks.

  • Increase intake of lime water with a pinch of salt.

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  • Any physical activity increases body temperature, so avoid excessive strenuous exercises when it is extremely hot.

  • Stay cool in summer and keep your body cool this summer. Best tricks to keep body cool this summer. Awesome tips for keeping cool in summer 2017 2018 2019 in India. Workout but do not do it strenuously to keep yourself cool in the hot summer season.

  • Drink lots of water (we mean it, lots and lots of water).

  • How to lose weight easily. Drink lots and lots of water daily. Stay chilled this
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Follow these hot steps to turn your summer into a cool one. Comment and share your ideas, tips and tricks to keep yourself. We would love to hear your jugaads! ;)

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Till then have a happy summer!

Signing off! Team